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Round one and two Northwest Division playoff information

As the regular season comes to a close, the division standings are set.  The Idaho Icecats are the number one seed, Tahoe Icemen are number two, Bellingham Blazers have the third seed, West Sound Warriors have the fourth seed, Seattle Totems have the fifth seed, and the sixth seed is the Southern Oregon Spartans.

The first two seeds, Idaho and Tahoe, have earned a bye week and move directly on to the second round of the interdivisional playoffs.

The weekend of March 16-18, 2018 is the start of the playoffs.  The round one match-ups will be between the third seed, the Bellingham Blazers, and the sixth seed, the Southern Oregon Spartans.  Bellingham gets the home ice advantage because they’re the higher seed.  The Blazers are 14-8-2 at home, and the Spartans are 3-19-0 on the road.  The match-up falls heavily in the Blazers’ favor, and if the Blazers win, they head to Tahoe to face the Icemen.  If the Blazers lose, the Spartans head to Idaho to face the Icecats.

That same weekend the fourth seed, the West Sound Warriors will play the fifth seed, Seattle Totems in Bremerton, because the Warriors have earned the home ice advantage.  The Warriors are 9-14-0 at home, and the Totems are 8-16-2 on the road, which makes for a very close game.  Where the winner of these games go is dependent on the outcome of the Blazers/Spartans game.

The highest seeded team coming out of either match-up plays the Tahoe Icemen in Tahoe the weekend of March 23rd through 25th.  The lowest seed left standing heads to Idaho to face the first seeded Icecats.  All games are best of three, so a team can be knocked out in only two games.

There will be a playoff update after the first-round results.

By Harper Dial
Photo by Mark Mauno