Tahoe Icemen photo by Crystal Ricotta

Series Recap: Tahoe Icemen vs West Sound Warriors

West Sound Warriors surprised a Tahoe Icemen team riddled with injuries and suspensions.  West Sound left Tahoe with four points.  Tahoe earned three. Overall West Sound outshot Tahoe 141 – 111, but Tahoe outscored West Sound 15 – 11.

Friday 11/10/17    8 – 2 Tahoe Icemen

The Icemen had 3 unanswered goals on 16 shots in the first period.  Tahoe goalie Wade Conlan (1) made 18 saves in the first to keep the Warriors off the board.  After a dismal showing for the West Sound Warriors, goaltender Brian Eisele (35), was pulled in favor of Robbie Brennen (44).  Brennen, previously of the Cheyenne Stampede, was acquired by the West Sound Warriors only days before. The Warriors finally made it on the board at 4:07 of the second period.

Desperation reached a fever pitch in the third, and at the 7-minute mark, Brennen (44) was pulled for the extra attacker.  Though a daring gamble, it wouldn’t pay off.  The Warriors scored a single goal, but the Icemen responded with 2 empty-neters to bring the final score for the home team to 8.  The game winner went to Marek Ondrasky (89) with :45 seconds left in the first.  Philip Heisse III (22) scored a hat-trick.  Referee Ledovskiy handed out major penalties left and right.  The West Sound Warriors wound up with 36 minutes in penalties including a 10-minute major.  The Tahoe Icemen ended up with 41 minutes in penalties including two 5-minute majors and a review for suspension.

Saturday 11/11/17    5 – 4 West Sound Warriors

After Friday night’s win, the Icemen didn’t come full throttle.  The Icemen made it on the board first while short-handed, but were never able to get ahead the rest of the game.  West Sound goalie Brian Eisele (35) got a second shot after the misstep the day before.  He allowed 4 goals on 42 shots in 61 minutes and 10 seconds of play.  Icemen goalie Thomas Spero (29) had 46 saves on 51 shots, but couldn’t keep the last one out in OT.  The game winner went to West Sound’s Harri Koll (27) at 3:50 of overtime.  Referee Murphy kept wasn’t feeling generous, only calling minor penalties against both teams.  For once the Icemen didn’t outpace their opponent in penalties, receiving only 8 minutes; West Sound receiving 10 minutes total.

Sunday 11/12/17    4 – 3 West Sound Warriors

At the end of the second with a two goal lead it looked like the Icemen had this game in-hand.  Icemen goalie Haselbacher (30), left the net open for the last minute of the second, and the Icemen were able to score at the :42 second mark.  The Warriors never gave up and found the back of the net three times in the third.  The game winner went to Harri Koll (27) at 3:08 in the third.  West Sound goalie Robbie Brennen (44) allowed 3 goals on 35 shots.  Icemen goalie Maximilian Haselbacher (30) made 34 saves on 38 shots.  Referee Ledovskiy seemed to keep things light.  He only called minors during regulation, but decided to call two 10-minute majors against the Icemen during the handshake line at the end of the game bringing the Icemen penalty minute total to 30.  West Sound left the ice with 10 minutes in penalties.

by Harper Dial

Icemen hockey photo by Crystal Ricotta

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